Food4Fun Nutrition Consulting

We are not selling you templates. Before planning you’ll receive a detailed questionnaire about your data, habits, preferences, lifestyle characteristics – we will create YOUR personal diet plan based on all this information.

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We consider:

  • your goals (lose body fat, gain muscle, get healthier, etc)
  • your food preferences and dislikes
  • your daily schedule
  • amount and nature of your trainings
  • your knowledge about nutrition (you can choose from just changing a habit to getting complete macronutrient-calculated mosaic diet plan)
  • nutrient consumption characteristics of your body
  • your environment
  • your recreational habits

Our packages:

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Are you hesitating which package to choose? If you are curious what to expect in our Focus4Fun package, scroll down to download our FREE sample of 3 recipes!

Here’s what will happen if you order a nutrition plan:

  • Once you have sent and settled your order, we send you a questionnaire that we expect back in a week. You will have to attach a 3-day food journal, a daily schedule and – in case it is available – a recent laboratory finding.
  • After we receive the questionnaire back, we send your nutrition plan in 10 business days.
  • In case you have any questions or concerns after receiving your nutrition plan, please send them all together in one message, within 1 week. We wil reply in 3 business days. Other than this, there is one more similar consultation opportunity included in the packages.
  • Composing a new mosaic diet plan costs 32 EUR / 35 USD / 1100 THB per occasion.